Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Financing and Building Your Dream Practice

Healthcare professionals will often venture into purchasing or developing a practice. Well Fund Capital can help make your journey a little easier with our healthcare financing options. We can help with everything from working capital to debt consolidation.

Working Capital Loans

We offer working capital loans up to $250,000 with full financials. If you want to avoid all the paperwork, we have a program for up to $75,000 that only requires an application. Other benefits of our program include:

  • 72-month terms
  • No upfront payments
  • No reporting to personal credit agencies

Different Ways to Use Financing

People often focus on how our healthcare financing is an excellent working capital option but do not consider the other possibilities. If you juggle debt, the different interest rates and service charges can become costly. We can help you consolidate your loans into a single monthly payment. Also, if you are interested in acquiring another practice or merging operations with a different practice, we can help with that too. Finally, we can help you get the equipment you need for your business, including computers and heavy machines.

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