3 SBA Loan Programs That Help Small Business

The SBA has the mandate to promote the growth of small businesses all over the United States, and the main way it does so is through loans. There are a couple of major programs that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs springboard their companies to success, but there are also some newer programs worth knowing about, especially those related to disaster relief. While it is important to know about those SBA loan resources if you fit the niche, there are three major programs every small business owner should know.

SBA 504 Loans

These loans are designed to facilitate multi-asset purchases, and they can be used for franchise financing if you work with a company on the SBA’s pre-approved whitelist. There are hundreds of major brands on there, so it is not hard to find a good fit for virtually any area. For business owners that are not involved in franchises, the loan allows you to bundle multiple equipment purchases and even real estate purchases into one loan package. As a result, it is very popular for new companies, allowing owners to put capital in as a down payment while financing most of the largest costs of starting the company.

The 7a Real Estate Loan Program

This is the second most well-known program offered by the SBA, and this loan type is reserved for real estate purchases where your business will occupy the property. You can have some income-earning units aside from the company’s space, but your business has to occupy the majority of the square footage after the deal is closed. For investors looking to rehab and operate an independent hotel, this is a particularly attractive option.

SBA Express Loans

This relatively new SBA loan type is open to small business owners with companies that are 18 months old or more. You need a green card or citizenship in the U.S. to apply, and the maximum loan amount is $350,000. Since these loans are designed for working capital, they are not secured. Amounts under $100,000 typically do not require proof of income, but for larger loan requests the standard two-year operating history is necessary to complete an application.

If you are looking for financing solutions for your small business, there may be an SBA loan that works for you. The flexibility of the Express program makes it a suitable choice for many short-term needs, including equipment acquisition. Remember, there are more programs to research than just these three, so dig deeper to see if there is niche financing that suits your business more specifically.